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Lexicon Philosophicum is a new editorial initiative of the ILIESI-CNR. The journal is the result of a previous experience and a new opportunity. Since 1985 the ILIESI has published under the same title Lexicon Philosophicum twelve volumes in the form of ‘notebooks’ (Quaderni), which appeared in the series “Lessico Intellettuale Europeo” of the Olschki publishing house. The initial editors were Antonio Lamarra and Lidia Procesi, followed by Antonio Lamarra and Roberto Palaia. These volumes were miscellaneous books mostly oriented to the outcome of research and studies developed within the institute. Their focus was the history of philosophical terminology as a privileged access to the history of ideas.

Now, on the occasion of the participation in the newly launched European project Agora:Scholarly Open Access Research in European Philosophy, we have decided to transform this series of volumes into an international online journal, semantically linked to the textual archives of the ILIESI’s portal Daphnet




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