Ancient εκδοσεισ. Further lexical observations on some galen’s text

Tiziano Dorandi


I believe that it is necessary to re-examine some topics I already dealt with in my earlier researches on the practices of composing a literary work by classical authors, against the backdrop of the results of recent scholarship. I would like to go back to a distinction, which Galen drew on various occasions between works ‘for publication’ (πρὸς ἔκδοσιν) and works ‘not for publication’ (οὐ πρὸς ἔκδοσιν). Then, I will take into account the question of the so-called Attic (ἀττίκεια, ἀττικά) or Atticus’ editions (’Αττικιανά) of Plato; finally, I will discuss the meaning of the expression ‘the Plato of Panaetius’ (Πλάτων ὁ Παναιτίου) used by Galen in his On the Avoidance of Grief

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