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by tydfewqx10 tydfewqx10 tydfewqx10 (2017-08-16)

Hello and corsets wholesale welcome to my new mini-series! I hope it will introduce you to some new bloggers to read, and a whole wealth of fabulous information at your fingertips!

This might be partially due to the fact Im a blogger wholesale halloween costumes myself, but when I read a blog, I find myself interested in the person behind the URL. So now Ill be introducing you to the ladies behind some of the lingerie blogs that I read, with old and new faces who are as passionate about lingerie as I am!

First up is lingerie, lifestyle and beauty blogger, wholesale christmas costumes EternalVoyageur. Ive been reading her blog for as long as I can remember, and I personally recommend her amazing post about breast tissue migration and her incredible Bra Matrix. All the fitting information a bigger-busted woman could need!

Hello! Thanks so much for getting involved with the series. Please could you give us a little introduction?

EternalVoyageur: Im EternalVoyageur – a cosmopolitan currently living in Germany, a 28DD, and mom of two. I love to backpack, hoopdance and act; and I am absolutely addicted to chocolate, russian literature and writing.

When did you start your blog and why?

EternalVoyageur: It was more than five years ago that I desperately wanted to share some stuff about toxic cosmetic ingredients and animal testing, so I randomly wrote a blog post or two. It was horrible – badly written and badly formatted. No, you cant see it on my blog anymore – I re-wrote and re-formatted later on (my skills have improved with time). It took me more than one year to realise that I actually wanted to blog regularly, as I had been collecting so many extremely interesting beauty tips that I was desperate to share with others. I started writing about bra fitting accidentally – I wrote a post or two about fitting in 2008 (wow, thats like pre-historic times), but I ended up writing another and another because at that time there was almost nothing online about correct bra fitting in english. The response has been huge – women have started blogs, decided against breast surgery and fitted their friends (tied and gagged, of course) after reading Break Out Of The Bra Matrix.

Which other lingerie blogs do you read the most?

EternalVoyageur: I have a huge amount of awesome lingerie blogs on my reader, so it would be unfair to name just one or two! However I have to mention Stanikomania and Fuller Figure Fuller Bust because they were the first ones I started reading.

Where do you recommend people go get fitted?

EternalVoyageur: I recommend every woman to learn to fit herself. Very few of us have the luxury of a good fitter in our town (or even in the towns nearby). Once a woman learns what a well-fitting bra looks and feels right, she is empowered and independent in matters of bra fitting for all her life and will always know whats best for her boobs.

Which brand do you think suits your shape and style best?

EternalVoyageur: Out of the brands that I have tried on so far – definitely Ewa Michalak. I also have a soft spot for (RIP) Discover Mademoiselle, and would also wear more Masquerades if my budget would allow it.

What is your desert island lingerie set?

EternalVoyageur: Ewa Michalak Onyx with a pack of HM strings. Both in black.

What, in your opinion, are the biggest upcoming trends in the lingerie world this Autumn/Winter?

EternalVoyageur: Im not the right person to ask, since Im pretty much against trends (hello planned obsolescence). However, from the previews that I have seen I do see florals going strong as well as vintage (style, not cuts – thank goodess) and retro inspirations. There is a lot of muted beige combined with brights.

Are you a plunge or a balconette girl?

EternalVoyageur: Hard one! Id say balconette. I just love what they do to boobs, that apples in a basket" look. There need to be more balconettes in the world.

What is your lingerie guilty pleasure?

EternalVoyageur: Basques and corsets. They absolutely dont fit into my lifestyle, but I adore them anyway. Also, stuff that is very lacy and low-cut but not supportive enough.

What do you think is missing from the current lingerie market?

EternalVoyageur: Where do I begin? First: monokinis in my bra size! Monokinis are so underrated, yet they are extremely flattering and really sexy without being too revealing. There needs to be more balconettes, and definitely more unpadded, thin, sheer cups. When it comes to sizes, brands really need to start making bands 26 and lower. Small cup sizes in small bands (28A or B, anyone?) are surprisingly underrespresented; and obviously the choice in G+ cups is just way too small. Am I being too demanding? Then Ill settle for a red underwired monokini please.

Thanks so much to EternalVoyageur for agreeing to go first in the series! Check back next week to hear from another of my faves.

Read more about her on her blog:

I have lots of other bloggers lined up, but if youd like to get involved, please email me: with your URL.


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