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by leeuanna leeuanna leeuanna (2017-08-26)

DWTS corsets wholesale Season 23: Week 8 Halloween Costume Critique I liked Terra's simple red costume much more than the over-detailed blue costume worn by Jana. In fact on my television, the fringe forming Jana's skirt totally clashed with the rest of her fabrics, and the large black organza back-bustle was downright ugly. Her costume was my only real disappointment this week. I really liked Ryan and Cheryl's costumes, done in glitter-metallic-silver and black. Marilu's costume was modest with her skirt fringe set over a fabric skirt panel for a little camouflage. Derek's basic velvet blazer was well tailored but this couple looked similar to how they danced this week: boring. Enough of Halloween costumes… (and the Vikings) – I'm excited for next week's edition of "Dancing with the Stars" as we forge through our ‘oh my goodness, how many more dance teams do we need to cut/sew/delivery before our deadlines this month, here at Satin Stitches?'

What a scary, terrifying night!...Trick or treaters wholesale halloween costumes at my door (including scary clowns)…pranks on "Dancing with the Stars"…and the most terrifying – the horrible performance by our home town team – the Minnesota Vikings playing the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football. Oh, the horror…the Vikings were sooooooooooooo terrible. My husband and I totally regret our choice to watch the Vikings. Thanks to the magic of recording broadcast television, I was able to see the entire DWTS Halloween Night performances by the time I left for work at Satin Stitches this morning (at a scary 6:45 AM). The costume department went all out for this week's broadcast, with lots of extra dance costumes for the beginning performance, the actual ‘round 1' costumes and then the second set of costumes for the ‘Dance Off'. Velvets and metallic, foiled knits and metallic, foiled prints were used lavishly this week. With plenty of rhinestones, of course! Not a lot of plain, simple fabrics were used, but then Halloween is a sort of over-the-top holiday. Terra and Sasha started off performing a Cha Cha with silver metallic accented black costumes, with a touch of bright pink on each. Terra's costume was tasteful and proportional this week – unlike her costume last week. Laurie and Val danced a beautiful Viennese Waltz in matching, rich royal blue costumes. Their costumes had a cartoonish edge to them, but they were fun and flattering for both. I loved the Edwardian influence on Val's elegant tailcoat and especially his ruffled jabot. Laurie's dress had elegant embroidered lace trimming her mesh sleeves. She was delightful! Marilu and Derek danced an Argentine Tango with Derek in tweed high-rise trousers with suspenders OVER (?) his vest and shirt. His ensemble gave a nod to the 1930's historical era. Marilu displayed long, lovely legs in her black, modestly cut stretch lace, panel-skirted costume. Calvin and Lindsay danced the Quickstep in stunningly created bones costumes. I loved their 3-D effect, creating a sort of bustle over Lindsay's simple satin charmeuse, gored skirt. Did you notice that bones were adorning her black hose, as well? Years ago, at Satin Stitches, we created black-lite, neon bones costumes. As I recall, the challenge was creating about 42 costumes in adult AND children's sizes! We didn't add all the rhinestones that DWTS costume department added, though! I loved these DWTS costumes – stunning! Ryan and Cheryl danced the Tango, wearing deep green velvet costumes. Ryan's coat was more of a tunic length and it was classy and sophisticated. I loved his bedazzled vest and the feathers on his shoulder! His ensemble also had an Edwardian hint to it, with both the ruffled cuffs and collar detail on his shirt. The fluidity of the rhinestoned/nude area of Cheryl's costume was visually very pleasing, as well as the fluid drape at her sleeve wrists.

I loved these costumes,wholesale christmas costumes as well! Jana and Gleb presented a very modern version of their 50's-60's era ‘Little Shop of Horrors'. Jana's short, red coat dress with matching petticoat, was cute and sassy with a glitzy big brown bow at her waist, to match the brown bow tie that Gleb wore with his argyle sweater that also featured a touch of rhinestoning. Their costumes were relatively simple, yet they were very effective in creating their theme. James danced with his substitute partner, Jenna wearing very ‘costumey' costumes for their Viennese Waltz. Jenna's split-in-two, abbreviated letter jacket coordinated with her tattered dip-dyed tulle skirt. James' tuxedo tailcoat and trousers were created in a very busy (yet suitable for their routine) printed/foiled fabric. The second part of this week's show included a ‘Dance Off' where all but the top-ranked couple competed against a second couple in 1 of 3 dance styles, all picked live. All couples wore costumes suitable for any of the 3 styles of dance: Jive, Salsa or Cha Cha. The guy's wore basic trousers and showy shirts or jackets over shirts with a minimal of trim. (Until they stripped off their shirts to reveal bare chests, in hopes of getting more votes!) The ladies wore cute little costumes of different colors and fabrics. There was a fun balance of silhouettes. Unfortunately pictures are hard to come by, so hopefully you can recall their costumes. I liked Lauie's silver beaded costume more than I liked Lindsay's gold organza back-bustled costume.


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