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FC Bayern Munich star Douglas Costa used this scoring in October. The midfielder ran out of the goal at Borussia Mönchengladbach for the cousin and his friend when he shot a sexton. Many other fans did not take the shotgun well with FIFA 18 Coin generator Xbox.


The GIF comes from a short video where Turkish Kochs Nusret Gökçe slices a split-steak. GIF was rapidly spread in social media fifa 18 free coins hack, including a lot of gamer communities, but so did a lot of footballers like this, such as Danny Welbeck (his shotgun can be seen in the video above). This is a good thing for us, if anything, it must be in the 18th.




This is certainly not to be shown to anyone, everyone has seen this. There are several "versions" of this, when there is another shirt under the jersey that has an important message or just a derby after kicking off the shirt and celebrating with the ultras

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This goal came from Cristiano Ronaldo, also after a goal from Atletico Madrid. Ronaldo, after selling the penalty, ran to the camera, then crouched and took a "thinker".


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