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Bio statement "Statement to Konami": "Lutti-1" joins FIFA

Matthias Luttenberger, also known in FIFA 18 Free Coin Generator eSport as "Lutti-1", was in June at the final of the PES World Championships in London's Emirates Stadium represented. Now the Austrian has announced that he is changing sides - from PES to competitor FIFA. Why? He explains this to kicker eSport. The reasons are twofold: progress on the one hand; FIFA 18 Munzen Free Step back on the other.

Pro Evolution Soccer has changed the qualification mode for the upcoming World Cup. Only two Europeans will be able to qualify for the first regional finals FIFA 18 Hack Online to be held in Tokyo. That means: the chance to qualify is low. The time required for this is out of proportion. "After last year's great development with events at Camp Nou, Anfield Road and the Emirates Stadium, Konami is backtracking again," says Luttenberger, who wants to make a statement with his change: "This move should also make a statement to Konami be."

With FIFA 18, his native Austria is now offering a new opportunity. After Austrian Bundesliga clubs Rapid and Austria Wien have already signed up for an e-sports event and more are to follow, the 30-year-old hopes to gain a foothold in the eBundesliga.

Luttenberger dominates FIFA 17 Ultimate team free coins and became Austrian vice champion shortly before joining PES in FIFA 13. Now he just wants to attack again. National as well as international. Best with a commitment to an Austrian Bundesliga club. To confirm his achievements in recent years - Vice-World Champion, Vice-European Champion and four-time Austrian Champion in PES. With this Vita he would be a prominent Dragon Mania Legends Cheat and hack figurehead for every club.


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