La superstitio nelle opere filosofiche di Girolamo Cardano


  • Laura Cesco-Frare Università degli studi di Salerno



In this paper the aim is to consider and analyse the occurrences of the term superstitio in Girolamo Cardano’s philosophical works; while Cardano has been harshly judged by many of his readers, who believed him to be too credulous and superstitious, little has been said on what he expressed on the concept of superstitio in his own works. While the term is not very frequently used, Cardano refers to it in discussing some of his main philosophical themes, such as: the social and political context in which men act, with a special focus on the role of dissimulation and deceit; the importance of a trustworthy witness to consider those events that have not been experienced first-hand; the distinction between popular beliefs and philosophi- cal opinions in debating demons, witchcraft, and divination.




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Cesco-Frare, L. (2022). La superstitio nelle opere filosofiche di Girolamo Cardano. Lexicon Philosophicum: International Journal for the History of Texts and Ideas, (9), 69–88.